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Yes We Do Motorcycles To

Motorcycles and music are a perfect match for each other, and the team at J’s Alarms and Car Audio are experts in the field of motorcycle audio. For many years, we have been designing and building some of the finest audio systems in California. And when it came time for us to turn our attention to motorcycles, we noticed a few things.

Factory Motorcycle Audio Systems Sound Bad
Factory-installed motorcycle audio systems sound anemic and lifeless. It doesn’t matter how loud a stereo system can play; if it sounds lousy, you just want to shake your head in disgust and turn it down. If you have ever looked at one of these speakers, what you would find is something that resembles a flea market special.

Motorcycles Require Power
Your motorcycle craves power – not just in the engine, but in the stereo system as well. Until the last few years, though, the folks attempting to bring motorcycle amplifiers to market were very small companies delivering half-hearted attempts. The other good news is that the car audio industry has turned its full attention to motorcycles.

Maximizing Space Through Creative Fabrication
Your motorcycle probably has two speaker locations; if you have the “premium” audio system, it may have a total of four speakers. Unfortunately, they are often undersized and poor-performing, as mentioned earlier. Fortunately, the team at J’s Alarms and Car Audio has your back If you would like to have one or two pairs of speakers in your bagger lids, we can do that.

Come In To Discuss Your Next Motorcycle Audio System

We invite you to stop by J’s Alarms and Car Audio with your motorcycle. We would love to get to know you better and show you around our facility. If your bike is an extension of you, your pride and joy, then we are going to get along great! Our award-winning team will work one on one with you to design and build the motorcycle audio system you have always wanted.

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